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32 years old
newyork, New York
United States
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From: jakibadr
08/29/2015 17:42:58

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From: Kellos
09/23/2009 20:05:40

Hi Girl,Hw Was Ur Day

From: Kellos
09/22/2009 21:39:29

Hi Angalme;Whatz Up?

From: lateefdisu
09/06/2009 16:16:54

hi, how are u doing

From: kayson
08/27/2009 11:09:54

waitin patiently 4 your reply.

From: princealade
08/25/2009 14:19:03

i saw ur mail but ve reply i just came to view ur profile anyway try and send me ur pix ok.ve sent mine check ur box and get bak to me i want to give u a try princealaxxxxxo.com expect ur reply soon gud nite

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