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Brazil and Spain separate from the rest of the world - Examiner.com
Posted On 10/17/2009 12:00:11 by Administrator
The five-time world champs remain the top team in the world, but their lead is now down to three points after their loss to Bolivia in La Paz and their draw against Venezuela at home to complete their World Cup qualifying campaign atop the CONMEBOL standings.Spain in the meantime were able to win th[Brazil and Spain separate from the rest of the world - Examiner.com]... Read More

Riots in South Africa worsen. - Examiner.com
Posted On 10/15/2009 20:00:03 by Administrator
Rioters flee police                                            (AP Photo)Standerton, South Africa - Rioting in the South Africa[Riots in South Africa worsen. - Examiner.com]... Read More

Voices of Africa ring across the Vatican - Examiner.com
Posted On 10/07/2009 18:50:02 by Administrator
Yesterday the Fourth General Congregation of the Synod took place, with Synod Fathers painting a portrait of a Church in peril, struggling with troubles stemming from the exploitation of resources, displaced persons, war and violence, and the aftermath of colonialism. Below are some direct comments[Voices of Africa ring across the Vatican - Examiner.com]... Read More

Selena Gomez travels to Africa for UNICEF - Examiner.com
Posted On 09/06/2009 12:20:02 by Administrator
Selena holds a child while learning how to dance in Ghana. PC: Twitter Teen queen Selena Gomez might be just seventeen years old, but she's already got her head screwed on right - as is evidenced by her current Twitter status. Says Gomez, who's spending this week in Africa after being appointed the[Selena Gomez travels to Africa for UNICEF - Examiner.com]... Read More

Starbucks announces further commitmen... - Examiner.com
Posted On 09/01/2009 18:30:03 by Administrator
  Back on June 26th, Starbucks formally opened a Farmer Support Center in Kigali, Rwanda. This partnership with Rwanda was recently underscored with another trip from CEO Howard Schultz in late August. Based upon my recollections of internal rumors and notes, this project had been unofficially[Starbucks announces further commitmen... - Examiner.com]... Read More

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