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04/07/2016 at 01:00 pm

If you dress warmly, the cold, clear winter nights can Hot Cocktail Dresses be a great time to watch the skies.

This winter, some of us have already shivered on our balconies to watch December’s partial lunar eclipse and last week’s Quadrantid meteor shower, but if you missed those, the Evergreen Brickworks is hosting an evening of stargazing run by the Royal Astrological Society this month (Jan. 13, 7 p.m., free).

The Brickworks will be providing hot beverages to sip while volunteers from the RAS point out winter constellations and track the paths of planets through telescopes.What we need, on all levels of government is a clear statement on unity and to stand firm against Islamaphobia. Again, especially in Quebec. We are not heading in the proper direction.In terms of guys in R&B, do you have a best-dressed list?I like some of what Frank Ocean’s choices and I like how Kanye is heavily involved in fashion but I look to actors more than musicians when it comes to style. Actors like Johnny Depp and Ryan Gosling have the best style in terms of menswear — both casual and formal. A lot of times musicians look ridiculous.But following Pippa Middleton’s latest scandal involving a wild party, a handgun and Paris police, many are left doubting Mayer’s decision.Speaking of Lungs, the set was light on songs from her first album; she performed only Cosmic Love, Rabbit Heart and Dog Days are Over. From Ceremonials, we heard, among others, Only If for a Night, What the Water Gave Me, Heartlines and Homecoming Dresses For Sale Shake it Out. It’s a testament to the popularity of so many of her songs — on only two albums — that she can get away with not singing the song that made her popular in North America, You’ve Got the Love, and still have the crowd hanging on her every word.The sisters recently breezed through Holt Renfrew, where their jewellery brand Dannijo is carried (from $80 to $1200) to talk up the new spring collection.Yoko Ono is rocking hot pants at 80. At 50, Michelle Obama has no fear of baring arms. And 68-year-old Helen Mirren outshines starlets a third her age on the red carpet.Grace Jones was reimagined in a dull shimmering black-and-brown sequined jumpsuit and brown lace robe. Khelfa was spotted on the catwalk in a black perfecto jacket with blood-red nails, lips and shirt.She sees promise in Dasani, who landed on the honor roll last fall. But lately, she is skipping homework and arriving moody and tired, if she makes it to school at all.I remember attending a meeting with HP employees in 2002 where I was trying to pitch them on a software partnership with my company at the time. I couldn’t believe it but we spent the first 20 minutes of the meeting joking about what a disastrous CEO Carly was. The HP employees related to me how completely out of touch she was with the morale of the company and the kinds of operational overlap issues they were Quinceanera Dresses having.The pairs event capped the night where Canadian pairs team Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford were to compete in their first major event at home since winning the world championships last spring.I asked Chris Laverty, editor of the insightful U.K.

-based costume design blog ClothesOnFilm.com, whether he thought this might undermine the design process’s integrity. “If a costume designer already has links with a company, say Belstaff for example, as they have been used in the industry for decades, it is only natural that they will reuse this company whenever they can. It is like surrounding yourself with a familiar crew or equipment on set,” Laverty opined via email. “Movies are business as well as art so if product tie-in opportunities are available, of course, they will be taken up. I have been lucky enough to talk candidly to costume designers about this subject and not yet heard of an instance where pressure has been applied to use a particular brand of clothing in a film.

”-What exactly was Johnny Depp smoking during that Vanity Fair interview? The wacky quotes just keep coming…-The new Bond movie might be called Skywall. Which is way better than my suggestion, Why Are They Still Making These Things?-When I saw this photo of Blake Lively, I assumed it was part of a shoot. Nope. That’s just how put-together and stunning she looks when she’s out running errands. Come ON!

She sees promise in Dasani, who landed on the honor roll last fall


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