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04/08/2016 at 01:00 pm
New York,

Joshua suggests that Anya try dyeing her fabric. Bert thinks black bridesmaid dresses Danielle’s look is old, and Julie is turning into quite the favourite among the designers. At least with the girls, anyway. No one has anything finished by the end of the day.Durran says she focused instead on the mid-20th-century lines of women’s clothes to develop the film’s costumes, “taking that kind of post-War movement of very architectural, strong silhouette shape and applying that principle to the 1870s. What the director wanted was just to clean down the lines of the 1870s,” she continued, “so that you get left really with a silhouette. He wanted to kind of play with each character having a slightly different silhouette, so that was really the motivation for it.”Re: Controversial Poll Flashpoint In Rights Museum Debate, March 31.This story on the highly suspect poll supposedly related to the Canadian Museum of Human Rights rightly pointed out that even the pollster himself was strongly critical of the conclusions suggested by James Kafieh, chair of the group that commissioned it.Mr. Kafieh is the same man who, 10 years ago, played a Holocaust numbers game in a deputation to the Toronto District School Board about the establishment of a course in genocide studies.Contrary to Mr. Kafieh’s assertion, there is only one history of the Holocaust. And while more historical information is always forthcoming, no legitimate historian questions that six million or more Jews were murdered during the Holocaust all over Europe by various means. Soviet officials claimed four million deaths at Auschwitz, not four million Jewish deaths. That figure has never been taken seriously by any Holocaust historian.Given the serious questions surrounding the legitimacy of the poll, the group that commissioned it and Mr. Kafieh’s own history, one shoulder bridesmaid dresses any conclusions suggested by him should be ignored.

Bernie M. Farber, CEO, Canadian Jewish Congress, Toronto.Re: Pearl Buck To Pearl Harbor, Peter Shawn Taylor, Oct. 15.Peter Shawn Taylor made an interesting point in his article about Pearl Buck’s The Good Earth and its relationship to the politics of the era. However, from the point of view of literature, John Steinbeck’s The Grapes Of Wrath would have made a better comparison with an American work than Gone With The Wind. It was also a best-seller when it was published in 1939, and it has certainly endured as a North American favourite.The Joad family’s loss of their farm in the Depression dust bowl of Oaklahoma and their journey to the hope of a better life in California, bears a greater resemblance to the struggles of Wang Lung than does Scarlett’s determination not to lose the family’s southern estate.

In spite of the fact that Steinbeck was attempting to promote socialist revolution, what he succeeded in doing was to create strong individual characters, both men and women, with a commitment to a better future, family and hard work that typified the prototypical American settler transferred into the 20th century.They’d lost the farm, but some of them emerged the same tough people who had built it in the first place. Ruth Cameron, Toronto.When one goes to an expensive restaurant, everyone is dressed as if they’ve just gone out to take the dog for a walk or are still at some kind of work that has nothing to do with being a salesperson at Bloomingdales (they always look good).But the popular spots have also become favoured stomping grounds for aggressive panhandlers dressed as characters casual bridesmaid dresses like Elmo and Batman and, more recently, for topless women wearing body paint and thongs and seeking money to pose for photographs. The painted ladies’ presence has become a tabloid sensation during the sleepy end of summer, with editorial pages warning that they foreshadow a return to Times Square’s seedy past and demanding their removal.The province-wide protest comes at a time when police officers can ill afford to project a clownish image. “In general, police services have more and more trouble having their authority respected by citizens,” he said, “and these tactics are not going to help them in establishing this authority.”A great many people, though, disregarded such suggestions.

With two hours left until pageant time, the crowds along the river were easily six people deep. New arrivals would poke around at the back of the pack, trying to peer over or through the people ahead of them to see if they could spot a patch of the Thames.“I heard a lot of children asked to dress up as Kevin Vickers for Halloween. There’s very much a sense that he is a hero for all Canadians. Children see in him someone to emulate,” Mr. Crowley said.In afternoon trading, Apple shares fell 69 US cents to US$603.14 on the Nasdaq. The company is expected to report quarterly results after the market closes.The rush to extend “Empire” from TV and into stores meant that, initially, already manufactured clothes and accessories were “curated” and given the drama’s seal of approval. Some were put on prominent display in nearly a dozen windows of Saks’ Manhattan flagship location and in its Beverly Hills store.

There’s very much a sense that he is a hero for all Canadians


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