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05/19/2019 at 01:00 pm
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The fate of Full Tilt Poker (abbreviation: FTP) has been in an uncertain state. However, there are rumors in the industry that the website may reopen in the first quarter of this year. Near Bernard-Taipei GBT staff revealed that the investment group is expected to reopen Full Tilt Poker in March. According to rumors, the site will create a new brand and will receive Nevada's online gambling license.
It’s been a long time since FTP has returned to the Texas Hold'em market. The French investment group GBT has been in communication with the current shareholders of FTP and the US Department of Justice 카지노사이트for a few months. The acquisition agreement has encountered numerous obstacles, including 19 Texas Hold'em players reported in previous days owing a total of $16.5 million in FTP. An event in which the debt was outstanding. GBT has announced that if the website is to be reopened in a short period of time, the debt must be paid off first. According to current reports, this will be the biggest obstacle on the road to FTP acquisition. However, there are rumors in the industry that the process of FTP going back to orbit may be faster than many people expected.
According to a person who has contact with GBT, the Tapie Group has been telling investors that the website is expected to be “reopened” in March this year. He further revealed that Full Tilt Poker will change its face when it next appears, becoming a brand new company, and GBT will receive Nevada's online gambling license. This may be good news for players who are still frozen in FTP, but this has not been officially confirmed by either GBT or FTP.
In addition, this site also lists the various obstacles that exist during the reopening of FTP. In addition, it is said that “Layne Flack is more likely to return his debts owed to FTP than the website is open for the next 30 to 45 days.” In a recent interview, Laurent Tapie said he wants FTP. Can be reopened on March 1.


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