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Created: May 21, 2017
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Should visitors rent a car in Shanghai?

Should visitors rent a car in Shanghai?

You can't drive in Shanghai without a Chinese driver's license, so visitors will not be able to rent cars. Locals here drive like maniacs, swerving and cutting through lights, and even hardened travelers may feel wary of hopping on a bicycle.

You don't need a car in Shanghai unless you're staying far from the city center and will be heading even further out. The subway connects the entire city and then some, reaching all the way out to a few water towns; anywhere the subway doesn't go that visitors might want to,shuttle bus shanghai there's the high-speed rail, which will even take you all the way to Beijing in just five hours. Getting to Huangzhou and Suzhou is a cinch and takes under an hour.

If you wish to hire a car and driver, your hotel can arrange for you to do so, though usually at some expense. If you're looking for a less expensive option, read through travelers' forums for the names of recommended drivers.

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