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Airline sues man for starting a cheap-flights site

Airline sues man for starting a cheap-flights site

United Airlines is suing a 22-year-old man for founding a website that helps travelers book cheap flights, according to CNN Money.手提行李

Orbitz has joined the suit against Aktarer Zaman, who last year founded, a site designed to ferret out bargain plane tickets through a strategy called "hidden city." It skirts higher prices by allowing a user to buy a ticket with a layover in the flyer's actual destination, and the user just skips the last leg of the trip.

It only works if flyers travel without checked baggage and buy one-way tickets.

"[Hidden city tickets" have been around for a while, it just hasn't been very accessible to consumers," Zaman told CNNMoney.United Airlines and Orbitz claim "unfair competition" and are seeking $75,000 in lost revenue.

CNN Money reported that travel experts expect that even if the site is shut down, others like it will just pop up in its place.

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