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POSTED BY: baohong3
DATE: 26.10.2015
SUBJECT: This week the discussion
LOCATION: Southall, Algeria
'Burning Crusade' After the opening, the new pattern of daily tasks, that is, you can do a specific task to repeat every day. 2.4 open before, a total of more than 20 daily tasks, daily tasks each role defined number of 10 completed, and after 2.4 open daily increased to more than 40 the number of tasks, and each role defined daily The number of tasks completed to the 25. So many daily tasks Quebec efficient? Topic of discussion this week: How do you plan your daily tasks? Daily tasks we can get? runescape gold A lot of games gold, tempting reputation rewards, and so on and so cute pet baby. First, let us understand our daily tasks can get? Most of the daily tasks will be rewarded after the completion of more than 11G gold, if the day can be completed 25 daily tasks, just reward of gold reached about 300G. Apart from this, the prestige associated with daily tasks such as Nether Drake series of tasks, Nether Ray series of tasks but also get valuable flying mounts, some tasks related respected reputation, after worship but also at very cheap price to buy blue dress as well as purple and equipment, and fishing is also possible to obtain valuable tasks such as pet baby and so on, in addition to the new section 2.4 Shattered Sun series of tasks can get blue-green dress and badges. Also worry there is no way to ride 280% speed flying mount it? Still worries auction expensive items it? Complete daily tasks, everything belongs to you. How to plan your daily tasks? Let the task is completed more efficiently. But we have to consider a little problem is outside the domain where daily tasks are scattered throughout the map, if you just want to do what with which to do so, will waste a lot of time and energy to travel back and forth in the useless.

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