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POSTED BY: rs2367gold
DATE: 03.01.2016
SUBJECT: reatment of choice most of the
LOCATION: Osceola, Angola
Wind Song and jade soul enchant the two treatment arms in the choice of players often hesitant, jade soul song per cent more compared to the price a lot of wind, but after measurement, income is not much better than the soul jade wind song. First, confirm the effect of the wind song: 12 seconds, trigger 1500 property; three trigger independent of each other, PPM said to be 1, built CD1 seconds. runescape gold Press PPM1, sustained 12 seconds to calculate the theoretical coverage of about 20%, compared with the three together 60% based on yesterday random team then measured at different treatment techniques, coverage is very obvious volatility almost a group of the youngest person standing in a pile, full of heavy rain triggered uninterrupted result is a high rate of coverage of 83%, also appeared three times and repeating trigger BUFF exist This is the youngest, in order to test the whole use only T rapids and treatment wave, coverage 43.8% the old one, because the group of blood pressure is small, there is a lot of time in such a daze ..47.3% if calculated theoretically in pressure is relatively large battle (almost the whole article read, then put the heavy rain from time to time a), coverage of more than 50% is no problem. And to take into account SKADA not distinguish between different BUFF three wind song, according to a calculation of the coverage only when triggered simultaneously, then the value would go up slightly while on jade soul, it has been tested, 22% coverage, Personally, I feel the same way when using jade soul. Jade is ...... soul earnings due to the current heavy weight of each property there is not a more reliable version, so the next calculations are carried out according to my personal opinion, you can also substitute value in mind to do comparative jade Soul 1650 intelligence plus blue effect in 25% or less can get 750 spirit, that the blue period approximately 25% or less 1/4, approximately less able to think spiritual intelligence, then the total effect for the 1650 intelligence + 187.5 spirit = 1650 + 150 = 1800 intelligence intelligence posts in accordance with the EJ, he did not elaborate on the value of intellectual property and the Deputy ratio, but the recommendation is red tank 160 slot intelligence, yellow groove 160 in any 80 intelligence deputy property, so we think approximately 1 = 2 attribute of intelligence, then trigger jade soul intelligence value 1800 to 3600, the trigger value is 1500 Wind Song.

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