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POSTED BY: futshop
DATE: 01.12.2017
SUBJECT: MU Legend English Version OBT
LOCATION: hefei,
MU Legend English Version OBT at November 2017

In Mu legend facebook updated a news mu legend zen Open Beta moved to November 2017, So bad for mu legnd fans wait for play this game. but i thank this is good news for mu legend fans, If this postponement, give us a better mu legend, then why not wait 3 months.

In Mu legend facebook gave why postponement?

Mu Legend could, but… along with the extra content, these required changes (derived from the feedback of the Korean users and the developers themselves) also impact mechanics balancing, and Mu Legend do not want to simply postpone the fixing of cheap mu legend zen current known issues that Mu Legend are able to fix for the OBT version of the game.

And as stipulated above, the changes involve deep localization work, an aspect of the game for which Mu Legend have always set a high standard. Indeed, Mu Legend received a lot of praise regarding the high quality of our localization during the CBT phases.

This naturally made Mu Legend very happy and confirmed to Mu Legend that the path Mu Legend had chosen, to give the utmost attention to all cheap mu zen qualitative aspects of the game, was the right one. Localization takes time. Great localization takes even longer: Mu Legend translation team is not simply made up of "general translators", but experts in the code and language of the gaming industry. BY http://www.playerhot.com/games/mu-legend/golds here now.. well done, more cheap mu legend zen from us, so great!

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