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POSTED BY: futshop
DATE: 24.04.2018
SUBJECT: Daimia Partin was shopping for
LOCATION: hefei,
It was a good bet, Strasser left satisfied with what she found.

“We were really excited, it’s an awesome thing they're doing,” said her nana.

Daimia Partin was shopping for her sister Savannah, a sophomore at Priddy High School who happened to buy prom dresses also be competing in a track meet in Zephyr that afternoon.

“She couldn't be here, but we definitely needed a free dress because we don't need to spend the money,” Partin said. “We have a brother that’s a senior this year, and he's got to get invitations and everything. We are trying to save money and this is what we decided to do.”

Partin deserves a particular shout-out; not only was she shopping for dresses and texting photos of them to her sister, she also had to keep an eye on her - year-old son Barrett.

If you’ve ever been a little boy stuck in a dress shop, you know it doesn’t exactly rise to the heights of ombre prom dresses diversion you’re accustomed to. Fortunately, cartoons nowadays play on smartphones.

“The theme this year is Enchanted Garden, so we're kind of looking for green but other than that I'm not too sure,” Partin said. “I’ve probably gone through about eight and thought ‘Okay, maybe this one,’ and sent it to her.”

In between running the 400, her sister settled on “the sparkly one.” So far, so good.

“That's what we're going for long prom dresses ,” Partin said, sounding relieved.and more of these can be find in ombreprom.com now...so come on! more prom dresses news here!

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