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POSTED BY: Megaomgchen
DATE: 31.10.2019
SUBJECT: The Madden Curse, which draws
LOCATION: Megaomgchen, China
The Madden Curse, which draws heavily from Mut 20 coins different superstitions like the Sports Illustrated cover jinx, is a belief that every player is about the cover of this popular video game is doomed to have a dreadful season, either due to injury, lack of functionality, off-the-field problems or any combination thereof. In the 20-year history of"Madden" having athletes around the front jacket of this game, there have been an uncanny number of misfortunes, mishaps and maladies have struck some of the greatest stars in football, together with Antonio Brown just the most recent to fall beneath the spell. In this spirit, I will recount some of the gamers to fall victim to the Madden Curse, and the Chiefs should think about placing the reigning MVP in bubble wrap.

The first player to look on the cover of Madden has been San Francisco 49ers running back Garrison Hearst. What's he on this list then? Well, he broke his arm in his comeback induced him to miss two years on the first play of the game in the next round of the playoffs and complications. While he would return in 2001 into a couple more productive seasons, he never quite matched the attractiveness of the 1998 season.

Culpepper seemed to put a block to the Madden Curse. If casting to get a league-leading 33 touchdowns and guiding the Vikings to a conference championship appearance on your first year as a starting quarterback does not instill confidence, what would? Culpepper struggled before his season cut short, passing for just one more touchdown than interception. Actually, this is among the most devastating examples of the"curse"

He returned to throw only four touchdowns versus three interceptions later in the season. His career never regained its previous glory.

While there were examples of gamers while manning the pay, I needed to proceed with a more recent example. He began to pick up the pace over the Patriots' next five games prior to a week 10 pulmonary contusion knocked him.
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