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Oxfam says 1.4 mln homeless as crisis hits Africa - Xinhua
Posted On 07/02/2009 00:10:03 by Administrator
    by Daniel Ooko
    NAIROB I, July 1 (Xinhua) -- Over 1.4 million people have been forced to
flee their homes so far this year as a result of significant increasing violence
in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo), Sudan and Somalia, internation[Oxfam says 1.4 mln homeless as Crisis hits Africa - Xinhua]... Read More

Global financial crisis dims Africa&#39;s economic outlook - Xinhua
Posted On 07/01/2009 02:50:03 by Administrator
    By Liu Ying
    NAIROB I, June 30 (Xinhua) -- The global financial Crisis has adversely affected Africa's economy in many ways with demand for African exports falling, investment inflow deterring and government revenues sharply decreasing. As prospects fo[Global financial Crisis dims Africa's economic outlook - Xinhua]... Read More

South Africa fights rape crisis - CNN International
Posted On 06/30/2009 16:50:04 by Administrator
A recent survey by the Medical Research Council of South Africa, a statutory government funded body, found that one in four South African men has raped at least one woman in their lifetime. And that nearly half have raped more than one woman. We talked with some Alexandra Township men who openly adm[South Africa fights rape Crisis - CNN International]... Read More

France says worried for Niger democracy in crisis - Reuters
Posted On 06/30/2009 14:10:11 by Administrator
Tandja, who was due to leave office when his second term
ends later this year, plans a referendum on Aug. 4 on whether he
should be able to lead Niger for at least another three years,
despite the court's ruling that this was unconstitutional. The
comments from Paris were among the strongest interna[France says worried for Niger democracy in Crisis - Reuters]... Read More

Zimbabwe&#39;s Slow-Burning Crisis Could Affect Africa - YaleGlobal Online
Posted On 06/30/2009 10:40:02 by Administrator
[Zimbabwe's Slow-Burning Crisis Could Affect Africa - YaleGlobal Online]

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