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For Argentines, a Coach Is a Legend and a Letdown - New York Times
Posted On 10/17/2009 12:10:03 by Administrator
But Argentines also awoke to the realization that the team would still be coached by Mr. Maradona, the soccer idol known worldwide simply as Maradona, whose brilliant playing career made him a national hero but whose erratic tenure as coach has become a source of national dread. Argentines fear that[For Argentines, a Coach Is a Legend and a Letdown - New York Times]

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From: ompson
04/24/2013 17:27:20
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From: ompson
04/15/2013 05:00:39
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From: ompson
04/09/2013 10:14:43
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From: ompson
04/02/2013 19:20:36
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From: elainehappy
11/09/2012 19:34:38


From: guanlely
11/03/2012 18:30:34
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