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Heavenly Breeze

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55 years old
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JOB: Self employed
DATING STATUS: Single, looking
BODY TYPE: Average
MEMBER SINCE: 01/13/2010
STAR SIGN: Aquarius
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Music, reading, fashion designing,Traveling.

Five Rules of Thought, By Mary Right.

Creativity,Optimistic, A goal oriented individual,Family life, children are adorable, Charity, Education, LOVE, PEACE.

Distroyers, Hypocrites,Thieves, Evil characters and evil habits, Haters.

I am hard working and enjoy my work, fashion designer.I love the family life.I am spiritually grounded and goal oriented.I am not a perfect woman but I am a perfectionist in many things that I do.
I am content with who I am but a little change won't harm.

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From: mercy4life2000
05/11/2011 20:18:16


My name is mercy,i saw your profile today at blastingart.com and became
intrested in you,i will also like to know you more,and if you can send
an email to my email address,i will give you my pictures here is my
email address (jonesmercy23 AT y a h o o DOT in) I believe we can move
from here! Awaiting for your mail to my email address above.Thanks

From: misshafsapaul
04/21/2011 17:56:52

My Dearest One,

I know that this letter will be coming to you in surprise  but,never worry i`m just explaining my human feeling and  pains to you hoping that God will touch you to help me. My  name is Hafsa Paul, a citizen of Liberia born in Ghana, My  father is from Liberia and my mother from Ghana. we leave  together in Ghana for many years. As a matter of fact, we are  now citizens of Republic of Ghana.
I am the only child of my parents,we are from a Muslim family  and i am 24yrs old. Dark in complexion and average in height.  i lost my parents in the Egyptian crises that happen  recently, my parents went for a a tour at Egypt,not up to a  week of their tour in Egypt, there became a war crises that  took the life's of many people including my parents. Right  now, i am in a Liberian refugee camp stranded. I don`t have  any hope of survival.just last week, i saw a friend of my  late father. he told me that my father deposited the sum of £5,000,000.00 (Five Million British Pound Sterling) in the Ghana commercial  Bank Accra, immediately, i ran to nearby branch of the Bank  for confirmation,after presenting my father`s name and  information of identification,the Bank reconfirmed it as a  true story, so i am happy now, but the problem is that the  Bank requested for a foreigner who will apply for the fund  claims as the next of Kin before they could release the fund  to me.I later meet a lawyer for consultation, the lawyer  advised me to contact you via e-mail so that you can present  your self to the Bank for claims. i am with the deposit slip  my late father used in depositing the fund into Ghana  Commercial Bank, in case if the Bank demands it from you. At  this moment,i have only my international passport which i  will send to you in your respond to my problem. i don`t have  any telephone which i will use in calling you, because don`t  have any money with me besides, i am in the refugee camp of  Liberians. if you can give me your maximum attention without  abandoning me on the path,i promise to offer you 25% while 5%  will be use for any necessary expenses that may occur along  the process. i will use the remaining 70% of the amount to  proceed with my education career in your country.

Please kindly send me the below requirements so that i will  give to the Bank first thing in the morning for a Bank  application letter.

NAME FULL..................
DIRECT MOBILE...............

I am waiting for the above information as to enable me rush  down to the Bank quickly for their next of Kin`S application  form. please never disappoint me in any way,follow the Bank  instruction for their immediate transfer.
Note: any expenses in cured for the progress of this fund  transfer will be reimbursed back with 5% share. your urgent  compliance determines the Bank transfer. please follow up as  instructed for a successful fund transfer.

Kindly reply me only through my personal e-mail:misshafsapxxxxxo.com

Waiting to hear from you soonest.

Miss.Hafsa Paul,

From: Anumah2009
02/03/2010 06:38:43

You are soo pretty and I really want to be in your life,share views and ideas and above all love you .Infact I was cultivated by your looks that and I believe I belong to you that is why am sending you this mail.Hope to hear from you soonest

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